Every heater that we have ever sold is still in operation today - Something that Wood Waste Technology Ltd is very proud of.
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Wood Waste Technology Ltd
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Wood Waste Shredding and Briquetting

Working in partenership with Gross UK, Wood Waste Technology can provide some of the best shredding and briquetting technolog to work hand in hand with Wood Waste Technology Heaters.

With our range of precision-engineered machines you can convert your surplus and waste products into manageable, valuable and reusable materials.

Shredding & Briquetting Machines

Our shredders process all kinds of waste including wood, plastics and metals and our briquetting machines process the waste into uniform bales for use in burners or for easy transportation.

The benefits to your business of utilising our waste recycling technology should not be underestimated. From a purely commercial perspective it will have a direct and positive impact on your cost base. 

You will make considerable savings both in reusing your waste, to generate heating for example, and also in reducing the cost of waste disposal.

You will also reduce your carbon footprint and be contributing to a cleaner environment.

More Information on Gross Shredders and Briquetting Machines from Wood Waste Technology


Wood Waste Briquette Automatic Bagging Unit

The Wood Waste Technology automatic bagging unit is connected to a briquette machine.

This automatic bagging unit counts the briquettes and then moves onto the next bag.

When all bags are filled with the correct amount the bagging system and the briquette machine turns off. Just change the bags, press start and off it goes again. Labour costs are reduced by 95% and no mess

  • Reduce labour costs
  • No mess - Briquettes Go Straight Into The Bags
  • When Bags are Full Briquette Machine & Bagging System Shut Off


Designed & Manufactured by Wood Waste Technology Ltd - The UKs Leading Manufacturer of waste to energy products.

Why not turn your wood waste into energy and heat your factory for free?



Every heater that we have ever sold is still in operation today - Something that Wood Waste Technology Ltd is very proud of.