WT5 from Woodwaste Technology
Woodwaste Heater Unit

The WT5 is the smallest of the double pass heat exchange models and is a fully exempt appliance to burn chipboard, MDF, hardwood and softwood off-cuts without the need of a costly afterburner, even in city centres and built up residential areas.

With a full refractory lined firebox and highly efficient double pass heat exchange with fully welded heat recovery fins the WT5 producing over 150,000btu/hr is the ideal heater for a workshop up to around 4000ft².

The WT5 will burn approximately 400 – 650 kg per week depending on type of fuel.

WT5 Wood Waste Heater
WT5 Woodwaste Heater
WT5 Heater Specifications
Heat Output 47 Kw/hour - 160,000 Btu/hour
Air Volume 3010 M3/Hour
Length 1495mm
Width 915mm
Height 1715mm
Weight 310 Kg
Single Phase 15 AMP
Wood Waste Technology Ltd - Units 1-3,Drummond Road, Astonfield's Industrial Estate, Stafford - 01785 250400