WT2 from Woodwaste Technology
Woodwaste Heater Unit

The WT2 is the entry level unit and a very popular choice for the smaller workshop.

The small footprint, ease of installation and being virtually maintenance free make it the obvious choice for workshops up to around 2500ft².

Manufactured using the same high quality materials as the larger WT range of heaters means the customer gets exceptional value for money.


The WT2 is thermostatically controlled and will burn approximately 200-350kg per week.

WT2 Wood Waste Heater
WT2 Heater Specifications
Heat Output 25 Kw/hour - 85,300 Btu/hour
Air Volume 2730 M3/Hour
Length 1695mm
Width 950mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 310 Kg
Single Phase 13 AMP
Wood Waste Technology Ltd - Units 1-3,Drummond Road, Astonfield's Industrial Estate, Stafford - 01785 250400