Every heater that we have ever sold is still in operation today - Something that Wood Waste Technology Ltd is very proud of.
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Wood Waste Technology Ltd
Units 1 and 2
Drummond Road
Astonfields Industrial Estate
ST16 3HJ

Tel: 01785 250400
Fax: 01785 255199

Website:   www.woodwastetechnology.com
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Company Registration Number : 4366692




'State of Art' Automatic Wood Waste Heating Units

The automatic units are a state of the art breakthrough in wood combustion technology. All your extracted waste is transported to a storage silo and then fed directly into the combustion zone via a temperature controlled screw feed system.

Our research and development team have spent many years developing a unit which uses specially built cyclones, augers and hot gas fans which have been designed to outlive similar parts used on other units in the market place today. This in turn will save you considerably in the future. We have addressed noise issues, safety features, silo discharge mechanisms and also power consumption, bringing you the very best money can buy. This has made us the envy of all our competitors.

As manufacturers you cut out the middle man so you buy direct from the people who have designed the unit , not salesmen, giving you peace of mind that any technical query can be answered quickly by the people who have built the equipment and also saving you thousands of pounds in the process.

Wood Waste Technology Ltd. work closely with many dust-extraction companies to offer you a complete ‘turnkey’ project, and also giving you the most competitive price available.

Shredders can be incorporated into the system to allow you to dispose of your off-cuts along with all your extracted waste.
Automatic wood combustion heaters make sound environmental and financial sense.

Why not turn your wood waste into energy and heat your factory for free?

Turning a wood waste product into a source of energy can dramatically reduce your heating bills and waste disposal costs. Often giving a return on investment in a very short period of time, saving you tens of thousands of pounds in the years to come. If the project was financed with an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust you could be saving money from day 1. The carbon trust can be contacted by clicking the following link www.thecarbontrust.co.uk/loans

Wood Waste Heater Specifications

  Heat Output air volume Length Width Height Weight
Model Kw/hr – btu/hr m³ /hr mm mm mm kg
WT15 146/500,000 10240 2420 1180 2095 1700
WT10 89/300,000 5050 2050 1090 1970 920
WT5 47 /160,000 3010 1495 915 1715 710
WT2 25 / 85,300 2730 1695 950 1000 310
Every heater that we have ever sold is still in operation today - Something that Wood Waste Technology Ltd is very proud of.