WT15 - Wood Waste Technology Heater Unit from Woodwaste Technology
Gross range of four-shaft shredders enables you to shred and recycle long and oversize wood waste
fully compliant with the clean air act without an oil or gas afterburner
briquetting machines are robust and reliable machines which can press a variety of wood waste and many other materials
turn your wood waste into energy and heat your factory for free

Benefits & Savings

Instead of burning money by paying ever increasing fuel bills, you can save your business thousands of pounds each year by burning your wood waste cleanly and efficiently instead. In fact, most of our clients say, “We wish we’d bought one years ago!”.

Most of our customers recoup their initial investment in less than 12 months and then continue to enjoy the money saving benefits for many years to come.

Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our client case studies (link to case studies page) to see how we’ve helped other businesses benefit from utilising their wood waste. You’ll even see how some companies have purchased our machines in order to develop an additional income stream into their business, by turning wood waste into goods for sale.SAVE thousands of pounds on skip and landfill charges.

  • SAVE thousands of pounds on heating bills.
  • Develop an additional income stream by turning your wood waste into goods for sale.
  • Fast payback on investment.
  • On-going money savings.
  • Future proof your business from rising energy costs.
  • Increase your company’s ‘green’ credentials and benefit from being an environmentally responsible business.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
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