Gross range of four-shaft shredders enables you to shred and recycle long and oversize wood waste
The Gross machine range covers the entire spectrum of shredders and briquetting presses
for shredding and grinding wood, plastic, cardboard and many other waste materials
Gross GAZ 62 compact and versatile shredder

Shredders and Briquetting Machines

Working in partnership with Gross UK, specialists in shredding and briquetting technology, Wood Waste Technology can offer solutions to convert your surplus and waste products into manageable, valuable and reusable materials.

Shredders process all kinds of waste including wood, plastics and metals, whilst briquetting machines process waste into uniform bales for use in burners or for easy transportation.

If you’re going to make an investment in shredding and briquetting technology, then Gross products will give you excellent value for money and reliability. Gross UK’s precision built, dependable German engineered shredders and briquetters come in various sizes and specifications to enable businesses to buy a machine suitable to requirements.

Utilising waste recycling technology provides many benefits to your business, in terms of money and efficiency savings, a better carbon footprint, plus a reduction in waste disposal costs. There’s also an opportunity to make money from your waste, for example, from the sale of bags of briquettes that can provide a second income stream into your business.

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